"In my role at our rescue, I have had the opportunity to help first hand, dogs with anxiety issues. Storm, separation, fearfulness and many different issues. Harper’s Pet Elixir has helped those dogs. It has a plastic dropper and a great taste, so you don’t have to worry about giving it directly to your pet.

We have tried many different types of remedies and Harper’s Pet Elixir is the best for our needs."

-Jim of DFW Rescue


"I have had the pleasure of using the amazing BadaB Massage Oil from Rebel Dreads Corp for over a year now on my clients. I am a massage therapist and instructor and I absolutely love the silky feel of this oil with out feeling tacky or leaving residue on the skin. I use it for spot treatments mainly on the neck, shoulders and arms to release tension from the fascia and muscles. I find that the release of the tightness is faster with oil containing CBD. The smell is very light and this is such a high quality oil, I don't have issues with even my most sensitive clients and they don't mind paying for the wonderful upgrade of this high quality CBD. This oil is 100% the real deal and I won't buy any other oil now. Thank you for such beautiful, high quality products!"

-Jennifer from Grand Prairie, TX LMT/ MTI


"Bought a few products and have only tried the peach tincture so far. Was a little concerned about being too sweet but the flavor was so so subtle - very light and pleasurable - just perfect. The tincture 1000% met all of our expectations.

Can't wait to try the other products we purchased! .. and we were happy to be able to pass on this website info to other friends."

-Nikki in Dallas, TX


"A few months ago, I began using the topical oil, as well as the tincture to address some back issues I was having. The products definitely helped sooth discomfort.

On occasion, I have added Cinnamon Caramels in the evening, or one of the Dessert Salsas during the day; both help to relax me without any side effects."

-Beth in Dallas, TX